The two family-owned Wittmann Battenfeld companies and Miraplast look back upon a partnership lasting more than 40 years. Since the beginning, the business relationship has always been characterized by transparency, openness, and collegiality. The pursuit of innovation and the focus on the highest quality unite both companies.
“We are more than just a customer and supplier to each other. As trade-fair partners, we have attended scores of international exhibitions, such as Interplastica in Moscow. Wittmann Battenfeld as a manufacturer for plastic injection molding machines and Miraplast as a tool manufacturer. Furthermore, we are also active in numerous national support projects, for example with the University of Leoben, the Polymer Competence Center Leoben, or with the Vienna University of Technology.

We are also involved in various pilot projects, field trials and research. One current project is a new type of SmartPower, which Miraplast is testing for us. In return, we work on one of our training machines with a tool from Miraplast. The exchange of experience is important here insofar as the knowledge gained can be used to optimize processes and thus achieve the best possible results for our customers.

Sustainability is a top priority for both family-owned companies. “Thinking green” focuses on environmental protection, resource management, and energy efficiency. We concern ourselves with advanced process technology to achieve maximum energy efficiency in the injection molding process, as well as processing materials with a high proportion of recycled and renewable raw materials. Together we are working towards this environmental concept.

We appreciate the Brunnthaler family and the Miraplast company as a valuable customer, supplier, project and development partner and look forward to the realization of future projects.”