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When ideas turn into products.

Just a pen and the back of an envelope are often enough to capture a brilliant idea. But there is still a lot to do before it becomes an equally ingenious plastic product. The good news is you only need one partner for this. The MiraTech team is at your side throughout the entire process, from development to the finished product — your one-stop shop.

As your one-stop shop, MiraTech accompanies you through the entire process — from development to the finished product.

Navigating rough seas.

You’ve put your idea on paper. The requirements are defined. Now it’s time for development, design, and construction. Together, we work out precise specifications and design your individual product.
The development phase is crucial. If something is overlooked here, even the best production cannot make up for it. If you want to bring a good product to market, you are therefore well advised to invest sufficient time and money in development.
MiraTech’s development team actively supports you in the phase when your idea becomes a product. If necessary, we call in other experts, designers, and scientists from the Miraplast network.




Closer to the goal with every lap.

Product development rarely proceeds in a linear fashion — the process is more comparable to an upward spiral. In our experience, it takes several rounds to reach the “design freeze.” Early prototyping is essential to a successful development process.

Therefore, a central part of our development is the creation of 3D prototypes on our 3D printers. With a 3D data set, we can produce prototype parts in a very short time. Every part we develop is 3D printed several times: this enables our technicians to gain valuable insights for further development. Critical issues often emerge during prototyping. In series production, we can take them into account. This is another good reason to combine development and production under one roof.

Thanks to rapid tooling, the production of sample molds for near-series prototypes is possible. Recently, we have been producing prototype molds from plastic using a 3D printer. Several hundred parts can then be produced on a conventional injection molding machine.




Clarity about feasibility and costs.

Using state-of-the-art Moldflow simulation technology, we generate the digital twin of an injection mold on the computer: This makes it possible to calculate and optimize every phase of the injection molding process in advance. Critical phases in the production process and delicate areas in the injection mold can be analyzed and taken into account in the design of the mold.

Simulations are performed at all stages of development — this is standard at Miratech. At the beginning, it is important to estimate the technical feasibility and costs. In the later stages, before the construction of the injection mold begins, mechanical and thermal aspects are at the forefront of analysis.