On your mark, get set, go!

Do you have a brilliant idea, but don’t know how to bring it into the world? Then now is the time to take advantage of MiraTech’s start-up service. For many years we have been accompanying start-ups in the realization of their ideas. In the early phases of a company, many questions arise that often overwhelm founders.
Our answer is Start-up Service, which covers all aspects of product development through to the actual production of plastic parts and the entire final assembly of your product. In supporting start-ups, our own experience as an online retailer and fulfillment service provider is just as valuable an asset.
You want to get started? Tell us about your idea and your individual challenges. Let’s find out together where MiraTech can support you in the implementation.




Overcome hurdles together.

First, we check whether we can offer the right production technology for you and your product. In the next phase, the parts are developed and we create the 3D-printed prototypes. Step by step, we work our way forward until everything is ready for your product to go into series production. Once this hurdle is cleared, we build the injection molds. And then it’s time for your start-up: Ready for take-off!


everything your start-up needs.

Our support for start-ups goes even further: in most cases, assembly of components is also needed. And the products need to be packed and stored in a warehouse. All of this is part of MiraTech’s Start-up Service — right up to delivering the products to your customers.

Sound exciting? Contact us without obligation. We look forward to an initial exchange of ideas.